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Female boss calls in the new guy for a bit of sex

Oliver Flynn is a gorgeous blue eyed blonde and Addison Lee is a smoking hot brunette. They are about to have some fun and I get to be the one filming it all in POV.

First, Addison starts by licking and sucking on Oliver’s hard cock. He moans in pleasure as she does and I can tell that he’s getting close. She then moves down and takes his balls into her mouth, sucking and licking them until they are hard.

Next, Addison lays down on the bed and Oliver climbs onto her, inserting his hard cock into her wet pussy. She moan in pleasure and he starts to ride her hard, thrusting in and out of her until they both reach their climax.

They lay there panting and sweaty, their bodies glistening in the light. I move in for a close up of Addison’s shaved pussy, and then move in for a ride on Oliver’s hard cock. We both moan in pleasure as we fuck each other hard, our bodies moving in perfect harmony.

Finally, we come together, my cock filling Addison’s pussy and Oliver’s cock filling my mouth. We lay there for a few minutes, our bodies still intertwined, before getting up and Clothespins ( walking naked out of the bedroom. We grin at each other as we go, knowing that we just had the best sex of our lives.

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